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Linalgo is a data science start-up which provides technology services in machine learning and natural language processing. Linalgo specializes in services like data acquisition, complex transformations, defining ML & NLP tasks and training AI models. Alt-Theory designed the initial prototype and tested the concept with real users in Singapore and France.



The project was delivered through a flexible engagement which was critical to the growing phase of the start-up. The architecture of the platform was done in 2 months through collaboration with multiple teams located in France and Singapore.

Rapid prototyping ensured that the product team were able to test our concepts with actual users ahead of schedule. To monitor effectiveness, we used remote qualitative feedback sessions. The objective was to build a self-served and intuitive interface for the AI annotators.

In the visual design phase, we created a theme which helped the annotators do tasks quickly with the help of visual mnemonics. Clean UI design principles were applied to bring out focus on important numbers and data. Performance of the annotators was illustrated by simple reports and insights.

Key Process

UX review

Visual designs

Design Screens

Hear from our client

I have had the pleasure to work with the team on the creation of a web-based product from scratch (from the creation of user flows, to mockups, to UI screens). They quickly understood the whole picture and was able to produce a consistent overall experience for the product. The project was very organised and systematic in the approach.

Arnaud Rachez

Founder, Linalgo

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