Cut to brilliance

Design for an industrial automation system for gem stone processing

diamond cutting machine - alt theory - cutting of brilliance


Surat in India is a major hub for processing and polishing diamonds. Workers use advanced manufacturing facilities to achieve high clarity and preciseness of cuts.
The assignment was to reimagine a bulk processing system which cleans and processes diamonds at a high rate.



At the beginning of the project, there was an assimilation of domain knowledge by understanding various mechanisms and stages of mineral harvesting.  The research was done to find various possibilities of how the system is configured for jobs.
Key tools were mapped with a distinct and relevant icon shape. Numbers were updated rapidly during the job with adequate emphasis on typography hierarchy and spacing. Diamond specs were drawn in dark, high-contrast colour schemes to be visible even in low lighting conditions.
Various stages of activities were designed with different colours and the progress bars gave a sense of the intensity of cutting machines. Such visualizations aided the operators to see the progress even from a distance.

Key Process

UX review

Visual designs

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