Bite Heist

UX Design for online food ordering technology platform

bite heist - alt theory- case study


Bite Heist is an emerging start-up which facilitates online food ordering technology for restaurants, cafes, and arenas. Owners can easily customize their online ordering experience. Orders are received at the restaurant through multiple apps rendered on computers, iOS tablet and POS kiosks.

Alt-Theory revamped the core web platform, mobile applications, and kiosks. We explored the unique design styles of BiteHeist client websites which represented various styles of eateries and dining outlets.



Ordering experiences are examples of fast heavily used interfaces (HUI). The design approach was to keep the designs clean and focus on information. A core principle of the basis of the design language was ‘glanceability’. Users spend 2-3 seconds skimming through content and hence the designs aimed at highlighting dynamic numbers and menu information.

On the other hand, the client websites had to reflect the unique culinary experience they would get at the dining place. Each restaurant or café had a unique story to tell. The owners were consulted to glean this flavour, which was converted to visual experience in the website designs.


Over the last 4 months, we have helped launch over 10+ restaurant brands and revamped mobile apps, kiosk and platforms.

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