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Strategic web design for businesses

At Alt-Theory, our designers create websites that are impactful for online ventures. We focus our attention on creative, highly responsive web designs that have an online presence and which exceeds the expectations of the users.

Being a continuation of your brand identity, webpages are tools that cater to your business objective and which can drive potential customer conversions. Our design team helps you make creative & professional web designs that enhance your brand’s online reputation and makes you stand out from your competitors.

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Why hire us?

1. We think beyond the design

We’re not just designing a landing page design. We’re building a complete user experience that will exceed visitors’ expectations and drive measurable results. Our experts help you achieve your goals through strategy, planning, conversions, content management, graphics, various design features and a flawless user experience.

2. Make the most of every click

Our designers create websites with a clear view of success, goals & conversion points. This means, webpages not only get higher traffic and attention but also converting that traffic into higher leads & sales of your product. Our copywriters can help you with the most efficient storytelling approaches and marketing strategy to best showcase your product.

3. A strategic approach to SEO

At our design company, we have a deep understanding of how search engine optimization works and we apply that knowledge to our design plan & copywriting services. This makes us create a custom website design that expects the needs of search engines and the target audience who uses them.

Our website design process

1. We research & discover about your users, stakeholders & market

User research is at the core of every excellent project. We meet with users, business owners, and subject experts to understand their needs and motivations. We conduct interviews, usability tests, competitive reviews, surveys and more to create a suitable web design and online experience for the users.

2. We define the direction & strategy for your website

We consider your website as a business and marketing tool to bring more clients, get more leads, and sell more products. Considering this, we create strategies by considering various design challenges and opportunities. This helps in gaining your website a distinct purpose.

3. We design to best represent your brand

Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s a culmination of every touchpoint with your customer - from your design to your storefront signage. Our awareness of this matter helps you to create custom designs, blending our expertise with a visual understanding of your brand. We design the visual direction and design elements to best represent your brand and tell your story.

4. We help you gain more visibility

Our strategists and digital marketing specialists help you with proven methods for growing traffic and gaining visibility in search engines.

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