Chatbot Design

Design a chatbot experience that guides your customers

The right interaction design helps users to understand what they can ask the chatbot. The perfect chatbot design helps a customer to receive the answer they need quickly and efficiently. In many of the cases, chatbots are often hard to use for many customers, especially for those that aren’t tech-savvy. We understand that and we’re here to help you make it easier for customers to interact with your chatbot.

At Alt-Theory, our conversational design services will make your chatbot more accessible and friendly to an average user through easy conversation flows and natural language. We intend to make the user experience very seamless for an average customer through effortless communication factors which can boost up your sales and generate more revenue for your company.

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Why hire us?

1. Personalized chatbot experience for your customers

Chatbots are a great way to improve the customer experience by communication a message with your target user using natural language. Our conversation designers will help you make a personalized chatbot that will communicate with your end-users in a more friendly and understandable way.

2. Double-up your sales with no effort

Our mapping of the chatbot ensures that a visitor would be converted to a sale before they leave your website. Through chatbot engagement and conversational experience, you can influence the purchasing decision of the customer.

3. Communicate with customers 24x7

Our chatbot design can help you interact with your customers 24x7 directly in the channel they prefer. Chatbots can process payments, answer all questions, and even request a callback just like a human would.

Our chatbot design process

1. We interview your interests

Our team speaks with your stakeholders & customers to define business goals and long-term interests. This helps our experts to create use cases, identify word choices, natural language and grammar as inputs for the scripting of the dialogue.

2. We define the functionality through personas

Our team then creates the design guidelines by defining the various categories of users that could interact with the chatbot interface. For this, we create several user flows, brand personas & user personas to define the personality, message input, & responses of your conversational interface.

3. We imagine scenarios and create dialogue trees

Our team of experts will then map the various conversation flows a user could encounter with the chatbot product. As per the different cases, we proceed to make user inputs & chatbot responses as a complex tree model. Parallelly, our copywriters also polish the script to ease the conversations even better.

4. We run user tests to validate the efficiency

After the development of the product, we run the conversation design across several categories of users to test the efficiency of the customer service and user engagement level with the target audience. Our designers will then re-work on aspects that require considerable improvement.

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