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Who are we?

A Design Studio solving for the new

We are a team of experienced strategists & designers working closely with innovators and startup founders to launch and grow digital products, websites and engagement platforms.

Our founders have rich experience in shaping the digital experiences of leading banks, AI, healthcare, FinTech, eCommerce and communication platforms in India and abroad.

In today’s world, changing customer preferences, new technologies and shifting loyalties make brands in need of well-thought-out and differentiated solutions.

We believe that user experiences should be inclusive, fluid and invisible. With this vision, our team practices in-depth research and outcome-oriented experiments to create refreshingly new possibilities in digital experiences.

Why choose us?

Team with a different take

We find multiple solutions but let users decide the right one.

Leaders in today's competitive world are the ones who find newer and better solutions. We test solution approaches from simple to radical to find the right impact for users.

Our process changes around the problem at play.

Customer acquisition, retention, engagement - Project goals could be different. Our processes are also modelled around the objective. This helps us create maximum impact with minimum effort.

We do not design and deliver. We deliver and continuously refine.

Customer needs are always in flux. This changing mindset has pushed us to design flexible design languages. Tracking performance and refinement ensure that customer journeys are smooth always.

More than project plans we plan for long-term impact.

Our solutions acquire users who are engaged in critical digital business cycles. Hence our approaches target sustainable digital growth through careful research, planning and execution.

What do we offer?

Our Services

Digital Brand Identity

We help your brand stand out among the digital competition by defining memorable identities and strikingly beautiful visual languages.

Idea Incubation

We work closely with founders to visualize their business models with compact research, rapid prototypes and ongoing refinement.

Digital Strategy

Our team helps emerging firms amplify their digital outcomes through our tested frameworks of growth, acquisition and retention.

User Research

We employ different research techniques to discover market opportunities and problem areas for young companies.

Digital Product Design

We help create or refine digital workflows for your employees and customers. We specialize in improving conversions and increasing engagement.

UX Audit

Existing platforms are evaluated for effectiveness by using best practices, user models and heuristics.

Who is in the team?

Meet the crew

Jacob Thomas
Draws up the Blueprint

Specializes in design strategy. Strives to improve business outcomes through engaging user experience frameworks. He conducts usability and testing studies and also doubles up as a researcher.

Dileepan Ramanan
Brings in visual delight

Our lead UI and communication design expert. He has over 18+ years of experience in designing for all types of screens where human-screen interactions happen. His core areas of expertise include visual strategy, storytelling and communication design.

Farsin Ahammed
Tells visual stories

A digital designer. A drawing artist. A VFX graduate. A media production executive. Farsin is a multi-faceted design professional who rounds up the critical gaps in our innovation process.

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